World football champions celebrated, Trump criticized again

Rapinoe had criticized US President Trump before winning the title and had issued a possible invitation to the White House ("I will not go to the whore of the White House") eliminated. After winning the title, back in the United States, Rapinoe broadcasted clear words to Trump on CNN television.

You limit people, you marginalize people who look like me, you edge people of color, you marginalize Americans who could support you, "said Rapinoe, an openly gay man The slogan of the Trump campaign" Make America Great Again "needs to be reconsidered, this goes back to a time that was not great for everyone," said the 34-year-old.

Rapinoe: "Love more, hate less"

Before the big victory parade of the American team in New York, Rapinoe then gave more tips against the US president. "We must love more, less hate, listen more, talk less, it's our responsibility, to make the world a better place," said Rapinoe. (the quote in the original English sound is also in the video on this page) in front of the New York City Hall: "Be more, be bigger, be better, take this team as an example."

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, a member of the Democratic Party, warmly welcomed the world champions and tweeted in advance: "You have inspired a whole country and New York knows how to celebrate the winners." At noon, he presented the world champions with golden keys for the city, the public celebrated again and again the calls "USA, USA".

On the side of the road, there were always posters on which a fair payment of footballers was necessary. Although four-time world champion, the US national team players are far less well paid than men who have never won a remarkable international title.