That's how much are Becker's trophies

Many trophies and other memories of the brilliant career of German tennis idol Boris Becker have brought in more than 750,000 euros for a two-and-a-half-week package.

The most expensive object was a replica of the US Open Cup from 1989 to the end of the online auction, according to the website, up to 167,000 euros.

The proceeds from the auction of British auction house Wyles Hardy, which took four and a half hours longer than expected and yielded 687,000 pounds sterling (or 763,000 euros), must be part of Becker's debts settled .

The first Pocher trophies of Becker

Among the people who support Becker under the arms, Oliver Pocher can also count. As he told in a story on Instagram, the comedian, accustomed to Grouvy Sport-Fantalk is auctioned, two glass trophies. It's noisy picture for the vice-cup of the 1994 world championships, where Becker defeated Pete Sampras and a trophy by the police in Calcutta. He paid a total of 23,035 pounds (about 25,600 euros).

"Boris Becker is a German tennis legend who has given us many outstanding afternoons and evenings in front of the television, we should now give something back and I have willingly done my part," Pocher said.

Also socks and shoes under the hammer

Trustee Mark Ford was pleased with the result: "The offers received confirm the continuation of Mr. Becker's appeal and support the trustee's decision to postpone the auction of last year and to hold it again this year during the lawn tennis season, "said Ford.

A total of 82 items were on sale, including trophies, a trophy replica of one of Becker's three victories at Wimbledon, watches, medals, tennis rackets, photos, used socks and signed shoes. The 51-year-old had won 49 tournaments in his career, including six Grand Slam tournaments.

Becker was declared insolvent by a London court in London in June 2017 due to unpaid debts. The auction was supposed to take place a year ago, but was stopped.

Becker had initially stated that he would enjoy diplomatic immunity as a sports attaché of the Central African Republic representation to the EU in Brussels. However, the state department of the African state is contradicted. In December 2018, Becker announced that he was no longer claiming diplomatic status and paving the way for the mandatory auction.