Tennis at the highest level at TC Weiler

Triple winner Kathrina Hobgarski will not be at Weiler this year. Stock Photo: Jochen Werner

Triple winner Kathrina Hobgarski will not be at Weiler this year.
Stock Photo: Jochen Werner

WEILER – For the fifth time, TC Weiler prepares an appointment with some of the best German tennis players during the second weekend of July. At the Tennis Wine Cup, the most endowed national tournament, all women playing points in Republic clubs have the right to start. Overall, it is a price of 12,500 euros plus prices. The winner alone wins 4500 euros, the second 2500. For this, usually at the events of the FIT, it takes at least that the semi-finals or finals are reached. The difference: international events last a week, the Wine Cup barely two and a half days.

The concept of the "TOP one national tournament" of the German Tennis Federation has proved itself. Qualifiers will start at 10 am on Friday, after which the first lap will begin around 12:30. Saturday at 9 am, quarter-finals, Sunday at 9:30, the semifinal will be held and in the afternoon, the final will rise.

Arno Benz as tournament manager was delighted this time with more than 44 messages. 32 players enter the pack. Twenty-five players are exactly in the top 100 of the German rankings, 14 in the top 50. Sarah Gronert was one of the people who pulled the crowd. The 33-year-old athlete reached the final in 2017 and had to give up in a hotly contested duel between Katharina Hobgarski in three sets (4: 6, 6: 2, 2: 6). It will be different this time. Hogbarski is still in Versmold at the international championships NRW and can not defend his title at Weiler.

At the start are Valeriya Strakhova, semi-finalist 2018, Romy Kölzer (Bayer Leverkusen), last number 17 in Germany, or Sinja Kraus TSC Mainz. For the first time, three local heroines from TC Weiler's first team are also on the list. With a surprise player-coach, Katja Milas enters the field directly, Juliane Menger and Stefanie Wilske have to survive the qualification.

After Jan Hanelt is now president of the Rhineland-Palatinate Tennis Association and is no longer just "responsible" for Rheinhessen, comes for the first time from Carsten Krumm as the club responsible for the rule and arbitration as Oberschiri at Weiler. But Hanelt himself wants to be present on the last day and see how the new trophy offered by him will be presented to the winner. The first Weilerer trophy was awarded to Hobgarski after three successes from 2016 to 2018 in his own showcase.