Ski session 3, 2014

This week, the Saga team and Poor Boyz Productions enter the camp to create exciting activities at Windells. With a completely redesigned park, there are new spaces of all types that will search for the transition to be captured and the train. To move the crew, Poor Boyz showed us how it was done by jumping into the epic round while filming their new movie, which will be set later this year. Don't forget to check!

Featured drivers: Alex Beaulieu-Marchand, John Ware, McRae Williams, Steve Stepp, Andy Mahre, Dane Tudor, Pep Fujas, Sammy Carlson, John Kutcher, Dylan Manley, Lupe Hagearty, Magnus Graner, Maximilliam Smith, Karl Logan, Chris Logan, Jonah Williams and Alex Nelson
# windells2014

Edited by Sam Trefaller
Filmed by Sam Trefaller, Ian Macy, Brian Nero, Johnny Decesare, Tyler Hamlet

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Crystal Castle