Double advantage for golfers

July 11, 2019, 3:47 pm

golf Golfers Sandra and Michael Ponican of GC Heilbronn-Hohenlohe start Friday at the German Championships of the group of 30 years in Friedrichsruhe.

By Stefanie Wahl

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The German championships are going well on their home run: Sandra and Michael Ponican from the Heilbronn-Hohenlohe Golf Club.

Photo: Stefanie Wahl


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The German championships are going well on their home run: Sandra and Michael Ponican from the Heilbronn-Hohenlohe Golf Club.

Photo: Stefanie Wahl

It would be going too far to blame Bernhard Langer, the long-time number one in Germany. But: Anhausen's professional with his 112 tournament wins, which Michael Ponican saw as a teenager in the "sports show" – and then try out at a friend's place, play golf with a hockey stick and a tennis ball made by young people dug holes in the sand. Fifteen years later, a former colleague, Michael Ponican, puts a basket of balls and an iron 7 in his hand. "This sport quickly fascinated me because I realized that there was no excuse," said the 47-year-old.

Three days of championship in Hohenlohe

Starting Friday (starting at 8 am), the insurance specialist at the brokerage office in Friedrichsruhe is one of five regional participants at the 30-year-old German Championships at the Heilbronn-Hohenlohe Golf Club. Country advantage for the captain of the AK 30 men's team, who plays in the first division of Baden-Wuerttemberg – higher is not. "The biggest benefit is knowing how the greens are going and how the breaks are going," said Michael Ponican. "Mentally, it is a definite advantage," adds his wife Sandra, who will also be the victim of a shock. "When I come out of there, the body knows that it plays a stranger, which causes me still nervousness." So she has her rituals. The routine gives security.

With a handicap of 7.6, Sandra Ponican is against the favorites with the best goals as Michèle Holzwarth (+1.7), the vice-champion of Europe of the AK 30, Nina Birken (+1 , 1) or defending champion Marie-Theres Liehs (1.6). without luck. The goal of former handball player TSV Pfedelbach is to qualify, not to belong to the last third of the list of results, which will end after two rounds Saturday night. "It's sporty, but I also want to say that I play outside the team in competitive conditions, hoping to maintain inner peace and play my game," said the 45-year-old at the Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall in Berlin. company security. Then there is the fun factor and the simple but sexy effect of being in a national championship.

The best players are in the range more

Sportsman GC Heilbronn-Hohenlohe is also captain of the women's team, which plays in the German Golf League. The group league is indeed the lowest, but nevertheless the highest in Baden-Württemberg. In 2014, Sandra Ponican, who was 4.8 at the time, took the opportunity to qualify for the international amateur championships. At that time, the competitors were much younger. At the end of the week, the difference in age will not be so bad. She said: "The jump in the Golf is extreme, the best players are in the range of more, the lower the handicap, the higher the difference in performance is serious." The difference of three strokes is good and looks like a little world of golf.

For Michael Ponican, the German championships are first. In terms of skills, it is in the back third of the more than 80 men registered. Marcel Zillenkens (+2.6) and Christopher Huvermann (+2.6) are the best, but that does not necessarily mean anything. The golfer, who trains three or four times a week and also plays on weekends, likes to compete with the high-caliber field. "You play against yourself, your best punches and your best golf," says Michael Ponican, "if you manage to keep total bad shots low, you also get a decent golf."

Humble sports

This sounds trivial, but in the implementation, but sometimes difficult. Most often, golf is followed by a low blow. This land makes you humble. The management of defeats and lessons is a process of learning and maturing. The newcomer Michael Ponican found his passion at 28, became a unique handicapper in a few years – and yet he had to deal with negative experiences. "It's a difficult task for an adult used to controlling," he says.

Regional entrance to the DM

From the region, reported a quintet for the German championships of the AK 30 in Friedrichsruhe. In addition to Sandra Ponican (GC Heilbronn-Hohenlohe), Evelyn Steeb (Golf and Country Club Schloss Liebenstein) is among the women, not to mention Michael Ponican (GC Heilbronn-Hohenlohe), Marcel Heide (Liebenstein) and Axel Krippschock (Axel Krippschock). Heilbronn-Hohenlohe). The defending champions are Marie-Theres Liehs (GC Neuhof) and Philipp Westermann (Hamburger GC).