Alexandris is fighting for world class

World Swimming Championships

The first days of the World Swimming Championships in Gwangju, South Korea, are dedicated to jumping and synchronized swimming. Although Austria is not represented by Brett and Turm, the Alexandrian sisters in the synchronized competitions take another step forward in the results lists.

Anna-Maria and Eirini-Marina Alexandri take over the duo during the fights for the title. Their triplet, Vasiliki Pagona Alexandri, is fighting for a good position in the non-Olympic solo. With the Greek trio, you have to go in the direction of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo in the result lists, because he has invested a lot.

As in the previous year, we worked on the harshness of the competition. To this end, several competitions in World Series stations were on the program. There were not only podiums in Kazan, Russia, as in April, but also a noticeable increase in points. At 21, the Alexandrians made themselves known to the judges.

Anna-Maria and Eirini Alexandri (AUT)

GEPA / Philipp Brem

Two years ago in Budapest, Alexandris consistently ranked among the top nine in a duet

The trend is rising

The trend is easy to read in the development of the world championship. In 2015 in Kazan, it was enough for the technology duo of the four competitions of the World Cup (technical and free freestyle) to participate in a final of the Top Twelve 2017 in Budapest, it was with three eighth places and a ninth place already single-digit results.

At the first World Cup in South Korea, the 18th in the history of swimming in general, the next improvement of the results lists. The medals are still out of reach for the sisters. The podiums will once again be athletes from sports fiefs such as Russia, Spain and China.

The immediate preparation of the SU-Wien-Aktiviven was completed in eight days in the preparatory camp for the World Cup of the Austrian Swimming Association (OSV) in Osaka, before being put to the point in Samorin in Slovakia. On Monday, they arrived in the city of the World Cup. "The Synchron Center has three pools – a fantastic facility," they posted on Facebook. If it works again with four finals, the Alexandris will be in action until Thursday of next week – until Sunday for the technological competitions, from Monday for the competitions of Kür.