Tennis: Luis Erlenbusch at the TC Wolfsberg tournament with chances from outside

Marko Lenz of TC Wolfsberg unexpectedly went to the top of the list after Georgian Aleksandre Metrevelli refused because of his illness, but he could not be happy for long. Because already in the first round is out. Lenz won the first set 6-0 against Frankfurt's Oliver Frankfurt Tobisch, but then went down (3: 6, 2: 6). Of course, Thomas Hell did not like that either: "Marko knows he has to do some work until the start of the season," said the tournament boss in the prospect of the start of the second division , in which Lenz also plays for TC Wolfsberg. ,

With Julius Hell, Justin Karcher, Patrick Sell and Felix Wild, the young players of TCW, who came to the peloton via a wild card or a lucky loser, also had to cancel each other out. Even in the race is David Fix, but the 14-year-old driver took advantage of his victory against Ötisheimer Joel Ockernahl from the task of the opponent. Because Andre Begemann canceled the illness, the Pforzheims hope they can now count on Luis Erlenbusch, who was the seventh referral list against Prince Alexander Wolfschmidt. The big favorite of the victory is now placed on two Indians Vijay Sundar Prashanth (PS Karlsruhe), even if he played against the qualifier Noah Schlagenhauf of Vaihingen-Rohr in six games.

Also with the women the player in mind said. "It does not make any noise, it has a cold," said Thomas Hell during his phone call with Dresden Lara Schmidt. Sarah Gronert of TC Bredeney, who came first, easily trained 6-2, 6-2 against Hannah Thajer of STG Geroksruhe in the second round.

Second place Natalie Pröse of SC Frankfurt struggled in her first match (7: 6) against Lavinia Morreale of TA VfL Sindelfingen and played in the second round (6-2).

Of the three Wolfsberger players, only qualifying qualifier Almudena Sanz-Llaneza passed the second round. The Spaniard played big against the top seed Gabriela Horackova (Ski Club Ettlingen) and won in three sets 6: 3, 1: 6, 6: 4.

For Pauline Hascher, however, came in the first round. Wolfsberger had to beat Julia Mikulski from TC Bredeney 0: 6, 0: 6.

A bitter defeat also conceded Josephine Karcher. TCW ace won the first set 6: 4 against Caroline Brack of the Heidelberg black and yellow of the TC and led to the second goal with 4: 0. Inexplicably, however, she then broke in, lost the passage 5 : 7 and the third set she had to give 2: 6.

At the end of the day, Dominik Köpfer lost his two-round match at Wimbledon.

On Friday, the round of 16 will be played from 10:00, against 14 and the quarterfinals.