FIFA 20 vs PES 2020 – A clear victory for EA Sports?

Recently, FIFA 20 has been introduced. The biggest innovation: the street mode VOLTA. But what competitor PES 2020 has to offer this year, in 2019? We compare the games.

We have already taken a closer look at the new features of FIFA 20. Especially in the field of gaming, EA Sports has announced a lot.

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But what does the eFootball PES 2020 competition offer this year? We reviewed the changes and compared the two games.

These are the new game features

What PES 2020 proposes: In a fun way, a lot of things should be done in PES 2020. Konami has announced many improvements to the gameplay. In particular, the new revised dribble system should be interesting for beginners and professionals. The tricks are practiced here with the right stick and can be refined with the left stick.

These are the biggest gameplay innovations:

  • Finesse Dribble – an improved dribbling technique with more possibilities
  • Better balloon acceptance
  • Context-Sensitive Shooting Accuracy – Shot Circumstances Have More Effect on Course
  • Adaptive interaction system between players – Should reflect the players' personality on the field. For example, players make room for dribbling for the best dribblers
  • Tactical mistakes can be used consciously
  • More realistic defense
  • Ronaldinho is the inspiration for new tips in PES 2020

This is what FIFA 20 proposes: Great promises have also been made in the FIFA 20 gameplay. According to EA, many FIFA 19 fan reactions have been collected and analyzed. Based on this information, the gameplay of FIFA 20 should be improved and adapted.

Improved FIFA 20 Dribbler

EA summarizes the changes under the term "football information". These include:

  • New punishment and free kick mechanisms with more control over shooting and effect
  • The timed finish is under revision – or will be harder to get perfect
  • Manual defense should be useful again
  • improved individual situations
  • Revision of ball physics with more realism
  • Players controlled by AI are more involved in the game, which allows for more opportunities to score. The "natural movement of the player" should provide realistic behavior on the box.
  • The new "dribble of punishment" allows you to attract the opponent and then let him support dynamic movements.

These game modes are new

What PES 2020 proposes: Konami offers a new game mode in PES 2020 with Matchday. In this mode, the PES player must choose one of the two camps at the beginning of the week, then collect event points in the group matches.

After the group stage, it is then determined which players have been the best of their groups. These players face each other in a final and can unlock rewards for all players on their side.

This is what FIFA 20 proposes: While The Journey is eliminated in FIFA 20 and will not continue, VOLTA is the new major game mode of FIFA 20. This is where street football comes back in FIFA, allowing many fans to realize a long dream dated. But with VOLTA, there is not a single mode, there are 3:

  • VOLTA-World – The main mode of VOLTA, you face opponents from around the world and earn VOLTA coins and rewards to improve your team and your player.
  • History of VOLTA – Presentation of VOLTA with a campaign
  • VOLTA Kick Off – Offline mode for street console duels

These game modes should be better

What PES 2020 proposes: At PES 2020, the Champions League (a counterpart to FIFA's career mode) is currently being revised. Konami promises here:

  • Dynamic interactions during contract negotiations
  • A more realistic transfer market
  • Improved trainer templates
  • Logos of adaptable sponsors

This is what FIFA 20 proposes: EA has announced improvements for Pro clubs and career mode here. Unfortunately, there are no details yet. Only at the end of July, we will learn more here.

Graphically, both games are great

What PES 2020 proposes: Like FIFA, PES 2020 offers superb graphics with a modern engine. For the latest production of their PES series, Konami analyzed personal moves and integrated himself into the game with many more players than his predecessor.

In addition, a big trouble many PES fans needs to be improved: the menu.

Because the outdated menus have changed little in years and were really not fun. Here, Konami has promised improvements and wants to prioritize new modern menus.

In addition, a new perspective of the camera should provide a sense of television.

This is what FIFA 20 proposes: It's not possible to directly recognize the technical changes that will be made to FIFA 20. Nevertheless, FIFA 20 looks fantastic and continues to be based on the Frostbite engine. So, there is nothing wrong with the presentation.

There are no surprises waiting for licenses

What PES 2020 proposes: For PES 2020, none other than Lionel Messi Star cover, he and his club FC Barcelona have renewed their license with Konami.

The licenses that Konami has also obtained for PES 2020 this year are not yet known. However, it is clear that EA has the advantage and can play in many leagues exclusively with FIFA 20.

This is what FIFA 20 proposes: EA offers again this year a vast set of licenses in which there is practically nothing to suspend for us, Europeans. All major leagues, including Champions and Europa League, are present. Just like the women's national teams.

If there is anything left to do with the licenses, we must wait. Many fans want more leagues from EA Sports.

First reactions to eFootball PES 2020

In recent weeks, Konami has invited several publishers to Anspielsessions. Here are the reactions:

Radar Games – "eFootball PES 2020 will almost certainly be excellent "

Gamesradar was able to play PES 2020 already 30 minutes and is impressed by the increased realism of this new role. Although the game is slower, but thanks to the improved AI of the team, unpredictable physics, but realistic, and physically satisfying players, only improvements on PES 2019.

It is likely that PES 2020 is the most sophisticated and realistic football game ever.

Radar Games, Dan Dawkins

Netzwelt – "Konami focuses on the gameplay on eFootball PES 2020 and it's a good thing"

NetWorld was able to play its first games in PES 2020 as part of an Anspielsession and is thrilled with gameplay and innovations. Thus, the physiognomy of the players is felt, allowing more realism and big duels.

Only graphically, there were some things to complain about.

While the camera zooms in on the French national team while she sings the national anthem, she reveals many tragedies. Griezmann Kiefer was moving like a nutcracker, Pogba seemed to blush and Dembélé barely opened his eyes.

net world, Darius Schuiszill

First reactions to FIFA 20

As part of the EA Play 2019, visitors could play FIFA 20 on the spot, but not in VOLTA mode. These are the reactions:


PC Games – "Animations, staging, sensations – FIFA 20's press what its predecessors had already done well"

PC Games was on EA Play and could play FIFA 20. Here it is confirmed that the announced gameplay improvements have been widely implemented and really felt.

Another positive remark is that skill moves in FIFA 20 require a lot more skill and can not be combined so easily.

FIFA 20's relies on what its predecessors have already done well. At the same time, he tackles some of the problems faced by FIFA 19.

PC Games, Philipp Sattler

Engadget – "FIFA 20, it's much more than street football"

Engadget was also on EA Play and had the opportunity to play FIFA 20. The improved 1-on-1 situations were particularly appreciated, as it is now much more difficult to deal with strong defenders than the predecessor. In addition, there are tricky goals to achieve, which offers more realism.

EA Sports makes his beloved franchise even more realistic.

Engadget, Edgar Alvarez

Which game will be better?

In summary: FIFA seems to pack the biggest package this year and clearly has the biggest improvements. Only the VOLTA mode is completely new and should offer every day a wide variety of virtual football.

On the other hand, the SEP is screwed to important points and improved. But that does not have to be bad, after all, PES is known for its exceptional gameplay. But EA Sports also seems to catch up and deal with its most important game problems.

Whatever the case may be, we are looking forward to the month of September, when both games will appear.

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