Top of the class

Lieven Mietusch tops his tennis ranking

Lieven Mietusch is one of the best German tennis players of his age group. The eleven-year-old from Seefeld has already been seven times Bavarian champion and twice Bavarian (U11 and U12). This season, he has already won several international tournaments or lost in the final. And according to the DTV rankings, updated quarterly, he is currently – as of March 2019 – the best tennis player of his year in Germany. "Inimitable for this year", says his mother Melanie Mietusch, 41 years old. The previous year, the student was still ranked seventh in the annual ranking of the tennis association.

With the tennis started the Mietusch family rather by chance. A friend was looking for a training partner for individual lessons, as Lieven's older brother Noel wanted. And Lieven had to leave too, "he just jumped on the field," says Melanie Mietusch. At the same time, Lieven coaches marvel at his field intelligence and his eyes. In addition, he has developed a good technique, "he works a lot of the forearm," says Melanie Mietusch. Lieven himself says that his strength is gaining. "I like to measure myself." If that does not happen as expected, then complains about the eleven-year-old's voice and the piracy of the bat on the ground. Generally, there is no reason for that. Lieven wins too often for that.

The personal commitment is high. Mother Mietusch installs her teams at the clinic to be able to drive the children twice a week to the training base in Taufkirchen. Other days, they train in TC Seefeld am Jahnweg, under Zeljko Cica – usually after school hours, every hour. Melanie Mietusch writes and pays: a lot of money goes to the hobbies of her sons.