Women's World Cup C is why there are no collectibles in the supermarkets

Does collective rabies belong to all football world championships? If you think so, but not.

While the supermarket giant Rewe for the 2018 Men's World Cup remains important for his special World Champion album announced ("Are you a fan, we are your market") the prevailing at the low tide of the Women's World Cup: after the stickers of our heroines of the national team, we ask the supermarket checkout to no avail.

Much to the regret of Potsdam's little Oscar (8), who had already written in January to both the DFB and Rewe: "I think you should also make an album for the Women's World Cup", he suggested at the time. "I'll be very happy."

But the reactions remained meager, as his mother, Tatjana Scheffler, announced on Twitter. The DFB was nothing came, at least, Rewe had replied with a brief letter:

Oscar was glad Rewe answered, tweeted his mother now. However, the content of the letter had been incomprehensible to him and to himself. "What does this have to do with France?" She asked on Twitter.

Among the men, there were also collective stickers – even though the World Cup had not taken place in Germany. "@REWE_Supermarkt wanted to sell his son coldly for an idiot," said another user. And the psychologist Tanja Gabriele Baudson (43, 2018, named university professor of the year by the Association of German Universities) wrote: "Love for your son.Anyway, I would be in favor of always saying "Men's Football World Cup" and look for which team is destined when someone says "World Cup Soccer". "

▶ de And what was it really about? Grouvy Sport asked Rewe! The sad answer: the group just did not believe that a commitment would be profitable.

Thomas Bonrath, press spokesperson: "In 2011, Rewe was the national sponsor of the women's world championship in Germany and accompanied the tournament with the issue of the collective stickers of the players and opportunities to win attractive prizes. "

And despite the World Cup at home at this time and the increased euphoria that ensues. So we expect a different place with even less interest, says the spokesman Rewe. This explains the answer to the little Oscar.