"Thiem-Mania" felt everywhere

"Too good" was Rafael Nadal for Dominic Thiem, the president of the Lower Austrian Tennis Federation Petra Schwarz. Alex Antonitsch, expert in tennis, describes "the agitation of the two Parisian finalists".

GEPA / Kneisl

Alex Antonitsch, tennis expert, sees coachengpass.Kneisl

Nadal defeated the legendary Dominic Thiem in four sets and won the French Open for the 12th time. "By the way, I do not know anyone who has become a clubmaster twelve times," Antonitsch shakes his head.

The euphoria of tennis in the country does not take anything away from Thiem's ​​final defeat. Children and teenagers return to the tennis courts. "You have to use that, and we have such a model that everyone imitates," says Schwarz, recognizing the signs of the times.

For Antonitsch, the hype is even greater than in the time of Thomas Muster. This has media reasons: "In the past, there was only television, more and more people are being contacted via the internet, social media is over!" It's all about keeping kids playing tennis. "

Trained trainers need the land

According to Petra Schwarz, a former tennis player (best placement WTA 52e in 1995), there are corresponding offers in Lower Austria: "Everyone can come to our clubs and play tennis." Antonitsch is currently at one. Lack of well trained coaches: "It's really true."


NÖTV President Petra Schwarz wants to improve the offer for tennis kids.

In Lower Austria, there is a pool of certified coaches, which are given to clubs as needed. Compulsory education, as in football – every junior coach must be trained accordingly – does not exist in tennis. Not yet. "Of course, we want to constantly improve," said Schwarz, where leverage must be settled. In any case, the tennis federation could only be Wegbereiter and his supporters.

"If at some point, in a more professional direction, parents are mainly solicited," says Schwarz. It is important that with Dominic Thiem, "one of us" has reached the top. "With diligence and a good environment, it is possible", Schwarz encourages aspiring talents.