The biggest defeats in the history of the World Cups in brief

On Tuesday, the United States defeated 13-0 at the FIFA Women's World Cup Thailand.

Euronews takes a look back and has gathered for you the biggest defeats in the history of the Football World Cup.

Germany – Argentina 11: 0 (2007 Women's World Cup)

Until now, the title for the biggest victory in a World Cup match in Germany. At the 2007 Women's World Cup, the German team defeated Argentina 11-0.

The victory at the time does not seem surprising afterwards: Germany won the World Cup that year, while Argentina scored its first point in a World Cup last Monday. Argentina played 0-0 against Japan.

Germany – Cote d'Ivoire (Women's World Cup 2015)

Germany also occupies the 3rd place of the greatest victories in World Cup matches. In 2015, German footballers won against Côte d'Ivoire 10: 0.

He fell five times in the first 35 minutes. After the match, Silvia Neid, former national coach, said: "We thought that they would be better than they are today."

A similar big defeat at the Women's World Cup in Ecuador had to be accepted against Switzerland. The South American country lost 1:10 against Switzerland in 2015.

Norway defeated Nigeria 8-0 in 1995, Japan beat Sweden 8-0 in 1991.

Hungary – El Salvador 10: 1 (Men's World Cup 1982)

The biggest defeat at a Men's World Cup was in the 1980s. Group 3's second game was the June 15th record at Nuevo Estadio in Elche, Spain. Hungary defeated El Salvador 10: 1.

Yugoslavia – Zaire (now Democratic Republic of the Congo) 9: 0 (1974 Men's World Cup)

The 1974 World Cup in West Germany (including West Berlin) was won by the Germans.

Another historic moment of the competition was Zaire's 0-0 defeat to Yugoslavia – this was the first time Zaire, along with Australia, East Germany, Haiti and Zaire, had appeared. in the final phase of the competition.

Hungary – South Korea: 9: 0 (Men's World Championships 1954)

The Hungarian men's team beat South Korea in 1954 with a final score of 9: 0.

Germany – Saudi Arabia 8: 0 (2002 Men's World Championship)

The third highest score in the history of the Men's World Cup scored Germany against Saudi Arabia in the early 2000s.

The commentators said at the time that Germany was playing the "local players in the park", while Saudi Arabia was "absolutely unaware".

Germany – Brazil 7: 1 (Men's World Championship 2014)

One of the most memorable matches in recent history of the World Cup was the glorious DFB-Elf victory against Brazil at the 2014 World Cup. The host country, Brazil, was beat 1: 7.

For Brazil, the defeat was a surprise, many fans were very sad after the game.

The biggest defeats of all time

But not only in the World Cup matches, there have been big defeats. In fact, there were the most goals in the national competition. In international competitions, more than ten goals in a match are rather rare.

Here are the biggest defeats of all time in the history of football:

1. AS Adema – Olympic Stadium L & # 39; Emyrne 149: 0 (2002)

This absurd victory in a match of two teams from Madagascar was actually the result of a protest movement of the Olympic Stadium losers Emyrne. The players scored 149 goals as they protested against a partial referee.

2. Arbroath – Good Agreement 36: 0 (1885)

3. Dundee Harp – Aberdeen Rovers 35: 0 (1885)

4. Australia – American Samoa 31: 0 (2001)

5. Tahiti – Cook Islands 30: 0 (1971)