Sikma extends Alba until 2023

Alba Berlin

Sikma extends Alba until 2023

Before the final series against Munich, Alba Berlin announces an important personality: Luke Sikma will remain four more years.

Fan favorite: Luke Sikma will stay at Alba Berlin until 2023.

Fan favorite: Luke Sikma will stay at Alba Berlin until 2023.

Photo: Andreas Gora / dpa

Berlin. A week ago, sports director Himar Ojeda, questioned by the Berliner Morgenpost, was wondering if it was true that he had already extended the contract with four-year-old Luke Sikma, had replied that he had not been able to do anything. he was "very optimistic", continues his service provider until Alba. Link Berlin. That was probably a euphemism right now. Because the Berlin basketball club has been announced.

126 consecutive matches for Alba

Sikma, 2.02 meters and aged 29, signed before the championship final against Bayern, which will start Sunday (18 hours, Sport1 and Magentasport) with the first of a maximum of five games in Munich, at Alba equal at the end the season 2022/23. In addition, it was announced that the assistant coach Thomas Päch (36 years old) had left Berlin and became head coach of the Basketball in Bonn.

He had "felt very comfortable with Alba and Berlin from the very first day," said Sikma, who came from Spain 's champions from Valencia to Berlin in the summer of 2017 and only after the start of the playoffs late April, after 126 Episode was spared for the first time. "The club has great ambitions and recently a great development, so it made sense that I extend my contract here," said Sikma in his first season for Alba as "Most Valuable Player" (MVP) of the Bundesliga .

Hope for a domino effect

In the current season, he had the same honor at Eurocup. He also loves "the philosophy of developing young players while maintaining continuity in the team.I like to coach every day." Although with the final against Bayern the absolute spike of the season is yet to come, he looks forward to "playing with boys next season in Euroleague".

It is quite possible that the early signing of Sikma on "boys" such as Peyton Siva, Joshiko Saibou or even Captain Niels Giffey, whose contracts expire at the end of the season, could trigger an effect of will. For Ojeda anyway, "the renewal of Luke's contract is an important sign."

Statistics of a better player

Sikma himself hopes for a domino effect. The sign he has now given is "an expression of the feeling of ourselves of our team.I believe that not only do I have the desire to keep this group together". And, adds Sikma laughing, he already knows "there is no excuse for not speaking at least a little better German".

Sikma has played this season in the Bundesliga (39 games) and Eurocup (24) averaging around eleven points, six rebounds, four assists and one and a half wins per game. Statistics of a "high level player", as Ojeda says. Of course, Sikma would have had many lucrative options to change clubs. The fact that he rejects them and stays with us shows how much he believes in our path and in our development, "continues Albas Sportdirektor.The duration of the contract shows both" Luke's desire to engage and our desire to have Luke with us in the long run ".

Päch moves to Bonnets Bonn

The fact that Thomas Päch leaves the club has been more than a rumor in recent weeks. Only the new employer had no one on the bill. Many were convinced that he would be the head coach at Ulm, some that Braunschweig would become his new club. It has become Bonn, a must-see German basketball venue, just below the top two finalists, FC Bayern and Alba. "We are happy for Thomas that he is now going to the next stage, he's a great coach and I think he'll be very successful as a head coach," Ojeda told him. by going on the Rhine.

Päch was in 2010 after five years spent in Albas. Henrik Rödl had gone to Trier and attended the current national coach until 2015. After returning to Alba, he first worked under Sasa Obradovic, then under Ahmet Caki and since 2017 under Aito Reneses.

Päch leaves a void in Berlin

At the latest, it was clear that Alba had separated just before the Caki match-off two years ago, and that Päch had quickly led the season through. He will certainly leave a void in Berlin, but Ojeda can live with that: "After all, it's not only our philosophy of making players better, but also coaches." We are very proud to have developed with we and him wish a lot of success. "