FußballSteirer becomes the Ombudsman for the new ombudsman for homophobia

Austrian football institutions have set up an ombudsman office, which is supposed to fight discrimination based on homophobia.

14:28, June 12, 2019

Oliver Egger
Oliver Egger becomes Ombudsman © BALL GUIDE / PAJMAN

with Oliver Egger The only openly gay footballer in Austria plays the role of ombudsman. At the ÖFB and the Bundesliga, we want to have recognized "the signs of the times". "Respect for all" was the motto of the hour.

After various awareness campaigns about homophobia in sport, the Bundesliga and the Austrian Football Federation (ÖFB) have opened a direct contact point for people who are sexually discriminated against in football. The association "Football for all" created for all.

The point of contact, including direct assistance, is independent and independent, but endowed with the legitimacy of the ÖFB and the Bundesliga, said Wednesday the two organizations at a press conference in the city center of Vienna. The EuroPride, which is currently taking place in the immediate vicinity, has provided the right platform for this. The club will receive funding from UEFA and a five-figure amount from the ÖFB and Bundesliga.

At a round table on the subject in November of the previous year, the idea was born, explained the board of directors of the Bundesliga. Reinhard Herovits"Once again, we want to raise awareness once again.As soon as you are like us in the eyes of the public as a Bundesliga, you also have a model effect and we want to play that role." We want to have recognized the signs of the times. In the past, racism was the main subject. "Every case is a case of too much, but it's a lot less the case today, I think it's also a generation problem, but you can not wait for a generation change." we want to defend it, in a spirit of respect for all, "he said. Herovits.

In football, homosexuality is still a taboo. The new ombudsman Egger is revealed in 2016 as the first homosexual Austrian football. "Homophobia is still common in football, that's why I'm sitting here," said fifth-ranked FC Gratkorn. Arrivals of famous players are rare. "Until that happens, the problem must be examined and solved structurally." First steps of the 26-year-old, who played in the youth of Sturm Graz, in his new role: networking meetings with Austrian football players, other anti-discrimination centers and other LGBTIQ community associations. In short: "the allies gather around us".

Incident in Austria Vienna against Sturm Graz

Hostile homosexual language, which usually consists in devaluing opponents – in the form of banners or songs, for example – is omnipresent. Examples of this can be found on many Austrian football fields every weekend. The most widespread homophobia, however, was particularly bizarre in October 2018 during the match Austria Wien – Sturm Graz: Austrian captain's day Alexander Grünwald On the occasion of the Bundesliga campaign, "Together Against Homophobia" symbolically wore a rainbow loop, repeated the calls "Schwuler SK Sturm" from the platform of Austrian supporters. The subject will occupy Egger even longer. He knows, "Here you need a lot of consciousness."