Flensburg handball champion – Gummersbach relegated

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Flensburg celebrates the third title of champion in the history of the club. League leaders take the lead with a win at Bergische HC. The pain prevails at VfL Gummersbach after the first relegation since the founding of the league.

After successfully defending their title, SG Flensburg-Handewitt's handball players danced exuberantly on the floor and threw coach Maik Machulla again and again in the air.

With 27:24 (13: 8) in Bergischen, HC SG achieved his third triumph after 2004 and 2018. "It was a part of my mind, it was a very hard job that was rewarded," said Machulla to the Sky TV channel.

With the win, the Flensburgers suffered only two losses during the season, with a score of 64: 4, the Nordic rival THW Kiel in second place. "It's indescribable, it's a fantastic ending for me," said SG captain Tobias Karlsson. The Swede returns to his country after ten years and 501 matches for the Flensburgers. And Marius Steinhauser announced: "Today, we are breaking Flensburg."


After 25 minutes, the match seemed to have been decided in 13: 6, but in the second half, the SG started to wobble. "We could have solved the problem with more confidence," said Machulla. "But in the end it does not matter." For 42 years, it was the second year as a coach SG. It was not until Klaus Zöll with the TV Großwallstadt was successful. "Glad I'm in history books now," Machulla said.

Despite a 30:26 (15:13) victory over TSV Hannover-Burgdorf, Kiel's team could not bid farewell to the long-awaited 21st title in club history after coach Alfred Gislason's success , who retired eleven years ago. "Flensburg has played well and is legitimately champion of Germany," congratulated THW captain Domagoj Duvnjak. After all, the record champion – 62: 6 points – is now the second finalist in the history of the Bundesliga – like Flensburg during the next season in the Champions League.

Grief prevailed at the Bundesliga Dino VfL Gummersbach. Despite a time of 25:25 (13:14) at SG BBM Bietigheim, the founding member for the first time after 53 years league two. Bietigheim was also relegated to second place, Eulen Ludwigshafen having won the last game of the season against GWD Minden with a score of 31:30 (14:15) and exceeding both opponents.

Unfortunately, it was not enough, you have not been good enough for the whole season, "said handball legend Gummersbach, Heiner Brand on Sky, and coach Torge Greve was visibly shocked:" We Now we must straighten the boys and put us all in the same order. "

The two vacant EHF Cup places alongside the third SC Magdeburg and the fourth Rhein-Neckar Löwen secured the MT Melsungen at 31:27 (16:13) against the TBV Lemgo Lippe and the Füchse Berlin despite a time of 25: 27 (14.11) defeat against HSG Wetzlar. (AP)

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