With luggage system and Touratech accessories

With luggage system and Touratech accessories

Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports Travel Edition 2019Photo: Honda

Honda upgrades the Africa Twin with a Touratech luggage system and original accessories, which can offer the interested customer a price advantage of up to 2,299 euros.

Whether it is the Honda Africa Twin base version or the Africa Twin Adventure Sports version of the Travel Edition, both versions come with an aluminum luggage system and additional "practical" equipment. In the case of edition package # 1, a "top windshield", a "quickshifter", an engine protection hood and a decorative frame are hidden behind the word "practical".

For luggage, there are two Touratech aluminum side cases with a left volume of 34 liters and 32 liters. In addition to 36 liters of storage space, the aluminum top-case also provides padding for the back of the passenger or passengers. Honda here enjoys a fixed price advantage of € 2,299 (€ 16,890 at the price of the UVP edition, including viaduct).

Pedal for DCT-Africa Twin

If you are interested in the dual-clutch version of the African Twin, the Quickshifter obviously leaves you out of the way, then receives a DCT pedal. The rest of the packaging is identical to the accessory shown above. For the DCT variant, the price advantage is then 2.059 euros.

Honda Africa Twin Travel Edition 2019

Photo: Honda

For the Honda Africa Twin, there are two versions of the Travel Edition – for the version without and with DCT.

Edition Lot # 2 includes not only the 36-liter top case with rear pad, but also the quickshifter, the large engine guard, the decorative frame and the heated grips. Here is the price advantage at 1 350 euros (15 290 euros at the price of the UVP edition, including bridge).

Again, the DCT version receives almost the same equipment, except that the DCT pedal is replaced by the Quikshifter pedal. The price advantage is here again € 1,106 (€ 16,390 of UVP publishing price, including transfer).

Travel package for Africa Twin Adventure Sports

The Travel Edition package for the Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports includes the aluminum side cases (34 liters on the left and 32 liters on the right), a set of fog lamps and a Quickshifter. With 1,600 euros, Honda gives the advantage here (16,490 euros at the price of the UVP edition, including the overpass), while it is at the DCT version of Adventure Sports at 1 358 euros, followed by the DCT pedal, aluminum side boxes and fog lights on board (17,590 euros publishing price, transfer included).

Honda Africa Twin Travel Edition 2019 Table

Photo: Honda

The different Travel Edition packages for Africa Twin and Afriva Twin Adventure Sports at a glance.

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