Live! There are no lectures from the 49 Oscars that appear on HBO this summer

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Beginning May 13, 7PM PDT
# 49ers are not interested in anything related to the HBO series "Hard Knocks," and they seem not to be official.
Nowadays, every Mycotto is
"49ers is one of the five NFL teams that the League could have appeared on in the" Hard Knockers, "the annual HBO series, which takes a look at the scenes behind the scenes at the club training camp.
But 49 players did not get highlighted, numerous multiple sources told NBC Sports Bay Area. Earlier, John Lynch coach and general manager, Kyle Shanahan, expressed his disapproval of the team at the show.
The teams are not allowed to participate in the "hard knock" if they are a new Indian coach, they have come to the tournament in the past two seasons or have been in the past 10 years. 49 workers are eligible to participate, along with the remarks made by Detroit Lions, New York Guyana and Washington. The league should never force a team to protest against it. "
Personally, I'd love to see # 49ers all summer in "Hard Knocks"! However, if it affects the program negatively, I get it and do not do it …

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