PARIS (AP) Neymar was injured in the right foot after an hour of 2-0 victory in the French Cup of Paris Saint-Germain against Strasbourg on Wednesday.

The Brazilian striker had just received the ball to the left when he was raising his hand to apparently signal to his trainer Thomas Tuchel that he was suffering and seemed to cry when he left the field at the Park. Princes.

Neymar limped heavily as he headed for the lodge, comforted by a member of PSG, and looked upset when he wiped the face with his right arm.

PSG confirmed that Neymar was again injured in the fifth metatarsal of the right foot. The club said the treatment method would depend on the evolution of the problem over the next few days. "All therapeutic options will be taken into account," reads a statement.

It was unclear how Neymar had suffered his last injury, but he had already suffered a big tackle from midfielder Anthony Goncalves earlier in the match.

Television footage later showed that Neymar was rolling on his sock and pointing to the side of his right foot, that he had also fractured almost exactly a year ago while he was playing in the French league against Marseille.

"Neymar is worried because it's the same foot, right foot, in the same area," said Tuchel. "There is no news at the moment, he went to the hospital. I have to wait for the doctor to give me news of Ney.

Last February, Neymar fractured the fifth metatarsal on his right foot and he was operated on at home in Brazil. Although he recovered in time for the World Cup last summer, he was not at his best in Russia.

Tuchel said Neymar was not adequately protected on the ground.

"The referee did not whistle once, then two, then three, and then he ended up wringing his foot," Tuchel said.

Interviewed after the match by the broadcaster Eurosport, Goncalves expressed no sympathy for Neymar and even suggested that the injury was a direct result of the way he played.

"It's his style. But if you play like that, do not complain if you shoot after, "Goncalves said," He's a great player and I respect him, but we're not here and he's having fun at our expense. We are not here to make it look good. "

Goncalves suggested that Neymar, who tends to star and even play with opposing players with his clever trickery, lacks humility.

"If he wants to have fun, we will respond with the weapons we have, we have a jersey to defend, we are not here to laugh," said Goncalves. is his style and I think people are coming to look at him, but he should not come moaning about it afterwards (and) he likes to do that, that's part of his arsenal and we react in our own way. "

Strasbourg coach Thierry Laurey also said that Neymar's attitude was completely wrong.

"Sometimes, when you've gone too far, you have to deal with it," Laurey said. "I can understand that my players are tired of players trying to tease them, to make fun of them. It's just that after a while he's catching up with him too. I am everything to protect the players, but there are limits. When you make a pass that escapes you, you make fun of it. "

Defender Strasbourg Pablo Martinez added: "Of course, he is an excellent player, but because of his attitude, he is not one that I like on the field. In addition to teasing you, he talks badly to you.

Tuchel is now facing an anxious expectation as the extent of Neymar's injury is determined.

On February 12, PSG will face Manchester United in the first leg of the Champions League on 16, and it is already sweaty thanks to the form of key midfielder Marco Verratti, after spraining his ankle the Last weekend.

Two months ago, Neymar was injured in the groin during the first half of the Brazilian friendly against Cameroon on November 20th.