This year's Hall of Fame ballot was released a little over two months ago. Tonight at 6:15 pm Eastern Time, all disputes stop. In fact, it does not stop, because it never stops. Not really. This turns into something more useless, since from then on, the class of Hall of Fame 2019 will be officially announced live on the MLB network.

The complete ballot can be found here. Two weeks ago, I examined him, candidate by candidate, to determine for whom I would vote if, in fact, I had a vote. For what it's worth, I found Mariano Rivera, Roy Halladay, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Mike Mussina, Curt Schilling, Edgar Martinez, Larry Walker, Manny Ramirez. and Scott Rolen.

No, not all of these guys will be elected. I strongly suspect that we will have three, with an outer odds on a quarter. Based on the best voting tracker of the Hall of Fame, Mariano Rivera is a lock. Like Roy Halladay, it seems. Edgar Martinez – on the ballot for his tenth and last time – also seems to have the support he needs to finally win it. Last year, he was missing 20 votes and, until now, he has collected more than 20 new votes among the voters who revealed their ballot. Assuming that former Martinez voters who did not publish their ballot do not go back – a sure assumption – Edgar should finally get to Cooperstown.

The last guy who currently stands above the 75% required is Mike Mussina, who currently stands on 81% of the votes. Non-public voters tend to be more stingy of support, however, so there is a good chance that Mussina will fall just below the threshold and find himself on the ballot again next year. A jump from last year's 63.5% support to something in the 1970s would however bode well for its chances for 2020. It's succeeding in one way or the other. another, this year's class will compete with the class elected by the BBWAA, consisting of four people, as one of the best of RAM.

Who will join Harold Baines and Lee Smith on the Cooperstown stage in July? We discover tonight, just after 18 hours.