Giants pitcher Jeff Samardzija wants ties to MLB | MLB


Giant pitcher Jeff Samardzija has an idea and he knows some people will find it odd.

He wants the MLB games to end in a draw.

"I do not think we need to play extra games," he said via Mercury News. "Finish with a tie, everyone scores a point, like the Premier League, a win counts three points, finish nine, we play 162. In this part, you should be able to tell who is the best team is. "

Samardzija just wants to make the game more fun and solve other problems.

"It makes the ninth run exciting all the time," he said. "And really, who wants to go to play 15 innings, the bullpen do not want it, the players do not want it, the managers do not want it, and then they have to move the lines the next day."

About 4.5% of MLB games last season were marked by extra innings. The Giants played the most teams with 21. They played 11-10 in these competitions.

San Francisco was actually much better in extras games than for those ending in nine. San Francisco scored 62-79 in nine games.

But Samardzija plans to make the games more user-friendly for fans, and his thinking is strictly that nine-race contests would be enough.

"Obviously every game is important now with the extra wild card," he said. "I just think it keeps every game important and again, it sort of eliminates some of the sleeves that a lot of guys do not want to play in. But again, it's a bit crazy for people."