"French football has entered a virtuous economic circle", says the director general of the LFP


Awarded to MediaPro for more than one billion euros on 2020-2024, the rights to broadcast the French league have increased by 60% but this will benefit all French football, says Didier Quillot, the director general of the Professional football league.

This is a figure that gives a little dizzy: 1.154 billion euros is the amount paid by the MediaPro Group to have the right to broadcast League 1 games in the 2020-2024 seasons. "French professional football has come a long way in 2-3 years and has entered a virtuous economic circle"analysis Didier Quillot. "There has been inflation for the consumer (…) but live football remains the first subscription factor of a pay-TV operator"says the director general of the LFP.

Operators have considered that French football should be valued at the level of German football, Spanish, above Italian football and still very much below English football

Didier Quillot, General Manager of the LFP

on franceinfo

The 60% increase in these prices will also benefit amateur football as a fixed percentage is donated to small clubs. "It is a considerable manna that professional football sends to amateur football. This money will benefit all French football", explains Didier Quillot.

The Professional Football League has recently agreed to move a PSG match scheduled for January 15 to not interfere with a purely commercial tour of the club in Qatar. "The general direction and the presidency of the League were not favorable, as we have said. We found a solution that is a compromise", says the general manager of the LFP.The game PSG-Montpellier is finally scheduled on February 13.

In disciplinary committee, after yellow or red cards, PSG players are treated like other players and then have suspension matches

Didier Quillot, General Manager of the LFP

on franceinfo

"It is clear, there is today in France an actor who is the gondola head of our championship, which allows us to obtain this value for the rights and development of the brand. "League 1" internationally. The price to pay is less suspense for the first place "says Didier Quillot.

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