The BIG3 group will grow from eight to twelve teams in 2019 and will have a Hall of Fame talent to direct one of its new franchises.

As reported by the Associated Press and the 3-on-3 league confirmed on Friday, former WNBA star Lisa Leslie has been named coach for a new BIG3 expansion team starting this summer, bringing in more money. A decade of professional gaming experience and a basketball Hall of Fame take over the Ice Cube league for most retired NBA stars.

Announced with the name of the expansion team she will be directing – the Triplets, Leslie's addition is the second coach to join the ranks of BIG3. Nancy Lieberman, a Basketball Hall of Fame member and coach in the NBA and WNBA, led the league's Power Team to a championship in 2018.

Leslie was one of the top eight women's basketball players ever, while playing for the Los Angeles Sparks from 1997 to 2009. Nationally recognized as a USC issue, she even broke her conference records after being turned professional, becoming the first woman to dive into a WNBA match and the first person to score 3,000 – and then 6,000 – points in career. . Repeated MVP who helped lead the Sparks to two titles, she remains the WNBA's all-time leading rebounder, not to mention the Sparks franchise record holder for her scores.

Voted as one of the WNBA's top 20 players in 2016, Leslie is well known outside of Los Angeles. Named to the 17-year-old Junior National Women's Team of the United States, she is one of seven Olympians three times to represent the United States and one of only two players with four medals of gold in quarry. Since she retired from the WNBA, she has also started modeling, has become a co-owner of the Sparks and has appeared on various television shows as an upcoming actress.

In 2019, as head coach of the Triplets, she will participate in the roll-out of the new BIG3 format, which will include a lowered age limit from 30 to 27 years and will present its 12 teams in 18 different cities.