Duke vs. UNC Results: Blue Devils Have The Edge Over Tar Heels Behind Zion Williamson's Huge Match | NCAA Basketball


The highly anticipated match between Duke and North Carolina on Friday ended in a setback that fell for Zion Williamson and a failure for Nassir Little. The 74-73 tight victory of the Blue Devils was sealed when Little's attempt was delayed, leaving coach Mike Krzyzewski's club a meeting with Florida State in the tournament's final. Saturday ACC.

Williamson, who scored a few moments earlier, finished with 31 points and 11 rebounds. The rookie's efforts nearly helped Duke to win, with his teammates shooting only 18 of 46 shots on the ground.

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It was Duke's first win in three games against the Tar Heels this season. Williamson played less than a minute between the previous two competitions after suffering a knee injury on February 20th.

Sporting News provided live updates and highlights throughout the match on Friday. This is how Duke won:

Duke vs. UNC: Score, highlights

23h32 – Barrett misses both free throws, but North Carolina does not see the other end of the line at the end of the allotted time. Final: Duke 74, North Carolina 73.

23h31 – Johnson misses a 3 on the other end and the Tar Heels are intentionally wrong.

23:30. – Zion had a setback to give Duke a 74-73 lead. He has 31 points.

23h27 – Nassir Little dunks to put North Carolina on the front. Duke takes a time out.

23h27 – Duke hangs at a lead of one point with one minute. What a game.

23h24 – A layup of Luke Maye pushed North Carolina between 71 and 67 with less than three minutes to play.

23h22 – Johnson gives in advance to the Tar Heels! He ends up in transition and takes a fault in the process.

11:15 am – There are less than five minutes left to play. Duke is up 67-65.

23:07 – Sion had everything he needed for this dunk.

23:05 – There are 10 minutes remaining and Duke has a lead of 61-58. This second half is played at a fast pace.

23h02 – Nassir Little with the dunk!

22:51 – Duke and North Carolina are selling well. He is 52-52.

10:41 – The second half starts with free throws to give Duke the lead.

10:24 – Cam Johnson of North Carolina and Zion Williamson of Duke lead the score with 16 points apiece.

Half time: Duke 44, North Carolina 44

10:23 – Halftime.

10:21 am – Zion catches a lob for a slam alley-oop.

10:20 am – Tre Jones hits a 3! Duke is down one.

10:14 am – The duke seems to find his place here. He reduced the deficit to four with three minutes to play in the first period.

10:07 – At the hour of play under the age of eight, the Tar Heels continue to control things. They are now ahead 29-20.

9:58 pm North Carolina is in front 24-17 about nine minutes after the start of the game. Johnson leads all scorers with 14 points.

21:51 – Sensational. Coby White puts his hand on a beautiful layup to put North Carolina at seven.

9:43 pm – Cam Johnson scored the first eight points of North Carolina. The Tar Heels lead 8-4.

9:39 pm We are on the way. Zion seizes an offensive rebound on Duke's first possession, which leads to a second-chance score.