Donald Trump could be splashed by a case of Chinese espionage


Five weeks ago, the Patriots team celebrated another victory at the Super Bowl. It owed much to its owner, billionaire Robert Kraft, who made it one of the best teams in the history of American football. The president of the United States congratulates him regularly by tweet, Kraft being one of his friends, and gave $ 1 million to the Trump committee for his nomination.

A few days after the Superbowl, the billionaire was charged in a prostitution case. Not in luxury hotels, but in an Asian massage parlor at a Florida mall, where the police had placed cameras. The businessman arrives in Bentley, enters the living room, stripped, an employee begins to massage her sex. After a few minutes, Kraft leaves a ticket and leaves. But he returns the next day.

Beyond a history of prostitution, it's a survey of a trafficking in human beings.
Some employees confirmed that they were trapped. In China, they were promised a job in the United States. They did not discover until the arrival that they had to prostitute themselves. Their employers withheld their passports and threatened their families in China.

The former owner of the show is close to Donald Trump

If no link has been established with Donald Trump at this point, Saturday, the magazine Mother Jones published a photo, a selfie of some Li Yang, taken in the evening of the Superbowl, with President Trump as they watched the match at his villa in Mar a Lago, Florida.

Now, Li Yang is an American who immigrated from China, and created the massage parlor where Robert Kraft was filmed. Even if she resold it, the investigators think that this sex traffic already existed when she owned. And according to the Miami HeraldLi Yang was already suspected of prostitution.

The Yang family, influential with Trump

When Donald Trump experienced several bankruptcies, he turned this villa into a club for wealthy clients. Despite, or rather thanks to his election to the White House, the Trump have doubled the registration fee, which now stands at $ 200,000 entry fee with more than 14,000 annual subscription. Guests can book a room for 2000 dollars a night, a table for dinner or breakfast with the president when he is present on New Year and evenings by the pool. All this in the company of guests for those who wish.

Li Yang is a regular, who is often photographed with Trump. The Yang family donated more than $ 60,000 to the Trump campaignshe was even present at his investiture, then invited to the White House. She created a consulting company that helping Chinese companies build relationships in the United States. She has already come with clients to Mar a Lago. She has also been part of organizations that have ties to the Chinese government.

All this is still confusing, but experts on homeland security questions are wondering if all this does not hide a spying operation of China.

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