Diego Costa, the big cravings

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Costa crossed.

© Costa crossed.
Costa crossed.

Mute since the beginning of the season in La Liga, Diego Costa is going through a period of scarcity with Atlético de Madrid. At the moment of receiving FC Barcelona for the shock of the day, the colchoneros wish to see their scorer again at work. No doubt, the moment would be opportune.

" When you're not confident, you just have to focus on the ball. And when you touch it, you focus on that specific moment and nothing else. There, you must be convinced that you will bring this ball into the goal. These words, Giovanni Simeone had heard from his model to follow, when making a visit to his father in Madrid. The example did not come from the father, but from Diego Costa. A cabinet of 186 centimeters for 86 kilos, ready to dice everything in its path and generating inspiration for Gio. The worry is that this famous reference also has moments of doubt, like any human being. And currently, his doubt poses a certain problem at Atletico daddy Simeone.

A goal in 2018-2019

Alas for El CholoLove without borders for her foal seemed to blur her eyes on this certain empty passage. " When I saw him train with the group, I wanted to cry for joy, explained Simeone in his book Create. "What a barbarian! He'll kill them all! This guy is unstoppable!" I said to myself. What everyone later saw on the field, I saw him at the training sessions. But since the beginning of the 2018-2019 season, the report is nevertheless glaring: the Costa bulldozer is out of order. A single goal scored in twelve games in all competitions, registered against AS Monaco at Louis-II on 18 September (1-2). Not a goal in nine Liga games. And as much to say it immediately: to score against a team that currently sits in nineteenth place in Ligue 1 is not very glorious.

Despite all the clemency of his coach, time passes and nothing gets better. Death in the soul, Simeone finally decided to crack down. Led 1-0 against the Athletic Club at the break in a Wanda Metropolitano dumbfounded, Diego Costa came out of the eleven to leave his place in Vitolo. Final result ? 3-2 for Atlético, after a heroic match and a goal from veteran Diego Godín. From his seat of substitute, the Spanish international had to have the feelings shared between the joy for the victory of his team and the disappointment for his insipid delivery. But how to explain such a lack of confidence? On October 7, Costa celebrated his thirtieth birthday. An age often dreaded at the time of his approach, as the so-called annunciator of the final end of carefree twenties, and a kind of transition to a more mature age.

The injury of too much?

A crisis of the thirties for El Animal ? No doubt, but this is not the only evil of Hispano-Brazilian. In fact, the real trouble began when the scorer made his return to the stars of the C1. Wounded against Bruges while his team was held in check, El Viejoven notes that Atlético finds the opening without his help to win the game (3-1). A far-off feeling from his pre-eminent role last summer, when he stuck three goals in four games with the Roja, exchanged an open heart with Fernando Hierro in front of the cameras during the penalty shootout against Russia or feasted on Atletico a double in European Supercup against Real Madrid (4-2).

From now on, Costa is no longer called by Luis Enrique to distribute shoulder shots. Falling under the spell of Iago Aspas, the Asturian place Diego Costa in the background and forced the latter to renew performances of the highest level in the club. Without further ado, an XXL performance against Barca would appear as an oasis in the middle of the desert. And given the current thirst of the beast, there would be material to suck the entire water.

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