DENVER (AP) – The Denver Nuggets have stopped a game of three games by resuming their defense and resuming the basics of their in-depth rotation of the guard, which will only intensify when Gary Harris and Isaiah Thomas return to the game after the All-Star break.

"We were tired of losing three games in a row and the coach was not too happy," said Monte Morris, who scored 17 points in Denver's 103-7 victory over the Miami Heat on Monday night. "We just needed to go back to our old style, our old Nuggets basketball, steal and cover up for mistakes."

The Nuggets have found a way to keep all their guards happy.

"Nobody cares, I mean, it's a different guy every night," Morris said. "That's what you get when you have a strong team. We still have guys who have not even played but come back. So, if winning is as important as everyone preaches in our team, we should not have a problem. "

One night when Jamal Murray (3 of 12) was shooting badly, two more guards stood up. Morris not only earned 17 points, but Malik Beasley scored 20 points.

With Thomas and Harris coming back soon, fans are wondering how his coach Michael Malone will have enough time for all his guards to play in the last 25 games.

Malone can not wait.

"It will be a big problem to have," said Malone. "We think we can exhaust our teams with our depth and we have shown that we are more than willing and able to play sometimes small. So you can launch a small range there. So, we will understand it. But let them first get healthy, then we will determine which is the best alignment to win this game.

"After our first two possessions tonight, I was not sure if we had a playmaker able to lead the team. It was comical. But after that we moved in and we played very well in basketball. "

Murray was at the moment when the Nuggets returned the ball from their first two possessions, resulting in a quick break from the Heat, which would remain suspended until the third quarter.

Nikola Jokic had 23 points and 12 rebounds for Denver, who swept the Heat qualifying season series for the first time since 2008-09 and improved to 18-1 while opponents have less than 100 points .

It was the first time that they had done it since their 105 to 99 win in New Orleans on January 30th.

And they had allocated an average of 127 points in their losing streak.

The Nuggets were particularly hard hit by the 3-point defense in their defeats in Detroit, Brooklyn and Philadelphia, generating a combined 48% long-term success rate in their momentum on the East Coast. Miami suffered a heartbreaking loss by losing two points to Golden State on Sunday, during which it lost 18 points to 3 points.

"I hope they had all their marks last night and that they left them in San Francisco," Malone snapped before informing him.

The Heat, led by the 15 points of Justise Winslow, were well and truly cold, finishing 9 of 23 for a score of 27%.

The Nuggets regained their shooting tactics by scoring 16 points at 3-to-4, including four in a 16-0 run that they used to accumulate a 75-57 lead.

"Our focus and intensity are in the right place, but our execution has been a bit off-set for a variety of reasons," said Winslow. "But they passed us tonight. This is the bottom line. They are the best team. "


The Heat scored 38 points in the second half and shot 36% of the field.

"I did not stop to remind our guys, they played last night. Wear them, "said Malone.

They did it.

"They wanted to run and they escaped," said Dwyane Wade. "Losing last night was a difficult defeat. But it was the most difficult part of the trip.


Heat: Miami, the league's only team with more victories on the road, fell 14-14 away from home. … Spoelstra first and foremost discussed the match between the two best Western Conference teams on day two of the Western Conference: "What do you want as a competitor? You want to be challenged, you want to be pushed. You want to know what you do collectively as a team. "

Nuggets: The Nuggets paid tribute to the late Irv Brown at a stop in the first quarter with a video tribute to the former Colorado University baseball coach, NCAA referee and Denver Sports Broadcaster , died on February 3rd. The Nuggets improved their score to 24-4 at home.


Heat: Visit Dallas Wednesday night.

Nuggets: Welcome the Kings of Sacramento Wednesday night.