Dennis Smith Jr., the new Knicks goalie, would like to face the Mavs this season | NBA


Dennis Smith Jr. would have liked the Kristaps Porzingis case to be terminated earlier.

After the 14th consecutive defeat of New York on Tuesday against the Pistons, the new keeper of the Knicks was frank with the journalists when he was informed of the traffic that had sent Mavericks to the team with the worst record in the league.

"I just want to play them," said Smith, via athletics . "They wanted to pack us, DJ and Wes and send us here, I would have liked that they did it before we did not play them anymore."

It's hard to blame Smith for wanting to shoot at his old band.

He recorded a triple-double for the Mavs in a towering win over the Knicks on Jan. 30. He did not know it was his last game with Dallas because he was treated the next day in the blockbuster with New York.

Ranked ninth overall in 2017, Smith averaged 14.5 points and 4.9 assists in 103 games with the Mavs. In his first two games with the Knicks, the 21-year-old has averaged 16.5 points and six assists.

The Knicks (10-43), who have now lost a franchise record with 15 straight games at Madison Square Garden, will face the Pistons again (24-29) on Friday.