A graduate in mental preparation, practicing yoga, the Reims coach takes a management approach that must touch "the heart of the player".

From the cloakroom rose cries of ecstasy and spread odors that hinted on Friday that it was pizza day. A gastronomic choice validated by David Guion who, if he is not a nutritionist, has adopted a management of his own, experienced during a two-year training in mental preparation. In his uncluttered office, a bottle of champagne alongside some textbooks devoted to the issue, even if he does not want to send back "The image of a guru. All clubs do this now ». In a soft voice, in a very soft tone, the Reims coach, in post for a year and a half, evokes a management method that proved itself with an accession in L1 last year and a very beautiful eighth place, today. What must participate in its Zen side, but not only: "My wife tells me that I calm people around me. I have always been like that. "

"In 2010, you obtained a degree in mental preparation at the University of Dijon. For purely professional reasons or was it a more personal, introspective approach?
There is a bit of both. In the locker room of Saint-Étienne (in 2007-2008, he was deputy of Laurent Roussey), with a team of very good players and filled with ego, I quickly realized that the mental dimension was essential to the performance, as much as the tactical dimension and …