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Five weeks and one day after an inadequate phone call to question the legitimacy of the Super Bowl NFC representative, the NFL's Competition Committee will discuss possible ways to prevent this from happening again.

Mark Maske from Washington Post reports that members of the league's governing body will discuss Monday the possible extension of the instant replay, which could extend to interference and other appeals to judgment. Two hours have been budgeted for the discussion, which will certainly feature some members (such as Saints coach Sean Payton) zealously arguing for change and others (like Broncos general manager John Elway, the Cowboys operations director, Stephen Jones, and Falcons general manager, Rich McKay) in favor caution.

Although most media assume (wrongly) that the Competition Committee has a binding influence on these matters, any rule change depends on the vote of 24 owners. Owners can – and often do – reject the proposals of the Competition Committee. Owners can also leave the board, if they wish, by adopting ideas that the committee did not even suggest.

And with regard to concerns about "unintended consequences", it is the responsibility of the game makers to think proactively to identify the potential consequences and to develop the rules to avoid them. This is what they are paid to do it and with the legalized spread of the game, they have every reason to do so. Eventually, there will be an unofficial controversy that will draw congressional attention, given the amount of money wagered that will change hands on the basis of error.

When that happens, the league will clean up its mess or Congress will clean it up. And the NFL will surely not like the Congress solution.