Sunday, the season of the leaders is over painfully short of the Super Bowl because their defense could not find a way to stop the Patriots in the fourth quarter and overtime. On Tuesday, the leaders reacted to the inability of their defense to get Tom Brady out of the field by dismissing their defensive coordinator.

Bob Sutton, chiefs defensive coordinator since 2013, has been fired.

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"Bob is a good football coach and a great man and has played a vital role in the success of our team over the last six seasons," Chiefs Coach Andy Reid said in a statement. "I've already said that this change could be a good thing for both parties, and I think that's the case here for Chiefs and Bob." It was not an easy decision but I think it's in the interest of all. " Kansas City Chiefs go from the front. "

For the first time since Reid took the position of leader, he will have an unnamed defensive coordinator Bob Sutton. So who could replace it?

Glad you asked. According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, former Jets and Bills head coach Rex Ryan, who built his reputation as a defensive brain with the much vaunted Ravens defenses of the 2000s, could be at stake.

Whoever ends up getting the job will inherit a mess. It was not only Sunday that the Chiefs' defense struggled. It had been a struggle all season.

The Chiefs finished the season in 31st place for allotted yards, 24th for allotted points and 26th for defensive DVOA. While they surprisingly played well against the Colts in the divisional round, they failed to produce the only stop Patrick Mahomes needed late in Sunday's Patriots' loss.

The Chiefs awarded 37 points, 36 first attempts and 524 yards of offense to the Patriots. Despite the deficiencies of their defense, Mahomes brought the Chiefs back to a 14-0 deficit and gave his defense two outlets for the fourth quarter, which the defense failed to protect. In overtime, the Chiefs' defense never allowed Mahomes to touch the ball as they failed to keep the Patriots out of the end zone, desperately missing three thirds and ten Brady converts. That's why Sutton lost his job.

Ian Rapoport of the NFL network provided more context:

The fact is that the Chiefs defense contains attractive lyrics such as Dee Ford, Chris Jones, Justin Houston, Eric Berry and Kendall Fuller. For all their faults, they tied for first place in the sacks and eighth place for the takeaway points. It's not impossible to imagine the good coach turning this Chiefs defense into a respectable unit.

The other thing is that the leaders do not need an elite defense to overcome the bump of the Super Bowl. They must only provide Mahomes with a decent defense, the kind of defense that can have an immediate stop in a crucial situation, the kind of defense that does not place Mahomes in a position where he has to play a perfect football to beat top teams. .

In the Chiefs' five losses this season, they scored 36.2 points per game, while allowing 40.2 points per game.