Become Zen with Soyoga – Var-Matin


Before being a qualified yoga teacher, Sophie was a maternal assistant on the village, so close to children, and life with a big V. A nice path for this passionate spiritual energies … Since young, Sophie has always been drawn to spirituality. She participates in various courses and specific courses that take her to the depths of India, before officially transmitting her knowledge.

"I have always been immersed in the energies, I believe a lot in spirituality, in the well-being, and the desire to share all this has settled naturally".

Training … in training

Sophie has been trained and has obtained several diplomas including one that offers yoga classes for adults and children but also a training Hatha yoga, Vinyasa and finally a Yin yoga training. This wide panel now allows him to teach participants the fundamentals of different types of yoga.

She is also embarking on the establishment of creative yoga. "It's a class that brings together the three styles of yoga.

It allows to adapt to different people present, to adapt to their morphology ».

Today and for the third consecutive year, the "Soyoga center" welcomes its participants (about fifty) all year long in the heart of nature in a space dedicated to well-being.

Courses open to everyone

Various courses are offered: the Reiki to varying degrees, but also lithotherapy, land-art workshops for young and old (from 3/4 years) or yoga workshops "special back", like the one proposed Thursday last where 12 participants have made an appointment.

"The goal of this workshop is to learn how to take care of our back every day with simple exercises. We discuss different ways of positioning ourselves according to our morphologies, pathologies etc. »Sophie explains.

The next workshop for children will be scheduled for spring and various yoga classes can be added to the agenda over the weeks.

"Whether you are beginner or experienced, my classes are open to everyone. Even the professionals or external stakeholders with whom I organize different workshops à la carte. I live my job with passion and I am satisfied. That's why I offer my services, centered on energies, light and spontaneous good humor, that I hope to share for a long time! ".

Sophie is certainly a great passionate who is constantly renewed.

She has just presented her brand new creation: "LUMI". Always in this practice of spiritual energy, it is to the lovers of minerals and stones that she addresses by proposing a personalization of energetic jewels …