Between the opening of boutiques, the exclusive partnership and the iconic collection, some watchmaking companies live to the rhythm of "The Big Apple". Retail review …

New York, New York. His history, his culture, his skyscrapers, his skyline, his musicals and also … his watches. It is impossible today for a watchmaker's house worthy of the name not to have a pied-à-terre in the American mega-city. It's done for Richard Mille, who opened his New York boutique at the end of 2018 in the heart of Manhattan. Located on 57th Street, this prestigious address of 390 square meters is now the largest shop in the world of the Swiss watchmaker. Benefiting from a state-of-the-art architecture echoing the avant-garde instruments of the Manufacture, the realization of this space was "a real technical feat," says Richard Mille. Arranged over two floors, the space plays the card of total transparency with a glass facade ten meters high, highlighted by more than 50 meters of LED. Inside, the designers have devised an unusual structure consisting of three gigantic glass panels with some twenty-four engraved slabs which, together, create a sculpture representing the vortex movement of the "RM 008" watch. Very aerial, the creation is however far from being light: its weight reaches 16,700 kilos, of which thirteen tons of glass suspended on the ceiling!

Richard Mille, who makes 30% of his turnover on the American continent, waited a long time before opening his flagship in New York. "If we do not create more shops in the world, it's simply because we can not meet the demand of our customers, says Richard Mille, and despite the steady increase in our production, we will not produce than 5,200 pieces this year. "

With its red tip, the "CT60" by Tiffany & Co. illustrates the concept of the New York minute dear to the founder of the house
With its red tip, the "CT60" by Tiffany & Co. illustrates the concept of the New York minute dear to the founder of the house – Digital Communications | E-Commerce

It should be noted that the manufacture of Richard Mille watches is in fact limited by the high-technology on board and the drastic quality controls that the Manufacture imposes on them to guarantee these models five years, even against shocks! A rarity that is also explained by the success of these instruments, the most complicated – and therefore the most expensive – are often sold out, reserved by afficionados even before being presented in stores. To better understand the magnitude of the phenomenon, just know that sales of this shop exceeded $ 10 million in six weeks …

Real instrument of survival, the "RM 25-01" imagined by Richard Mile was made in collaboration with Sylvester Stallone
Real instrument of survival, the "RM 25-01" imagined by Richard Mile was realized in collaboration with Sylvester Stallone – Youenn.b

The watch of a giant

If the manufacture Hublot is very present in the world of European football, it is also passionate about American football. Since 2016, the watchmaker is indeed partner and official timekeeper of the Giants of New York, one of the most famous teams of the NFL (National Football League). Its iconic quarterback and captain, Eli Manning, also wears the "Classic Fusion New York" automatic chronograph, a limited edition model limited to just twenty-two copies. A symbiosis of elegance and sportiness, the 45 mm diameter titanium instrument takes on the identity color of the Giants, sporting a carbon bezel, a dial and a blue leather strap whose texture is identical to the anti-slip relief. of the oval balloon characteristic. It will cost you $ 15,000, only in the store on 5th Avenue.

Hublot's 'Classic Fusion New York' takes on the color identity of the New York Giants
Hublot's "Classic Fusion New York" takes on the identity color of the New York Giants – DR

Because every second counts

Also located on 5th Avenue, Tiffany & Co. is inseparable from New York City and its history. The most American luxury brand, the "CT60" watch collection, founded in Manhattan in 1837, pays tribute to its founder, Charles Lewis Tiffany, and to his famous phrase: "One minute in New York: 60 seconds of pure possibility. "Whether for women or men, all references in this line have a common point since they have, as a snap, a central hand of triangular triangular seconds red. On the design side, the pieces are inspired by a gold Tiffany watch worn by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1945 at the Yalta conference. In steel or rose gold, set with diamonds or equipped with a chronograph function, today's models house Swiss Made automatic calibres. Movements of good quality, that city dwellers living in the hectic pace of large cities will take the time to admire the back of the boxes.