Astros & A.J. Hinch said that Angel Hernandez had made condescending and unprofessional comments after his ejection | MLB


Angel Hernandez is not the preferred referee of many MLB players and coaches. He has already upset a coach at the spring training.

Hernandez ejected skipper Astros A.J. Hinch in the first leg of Houston's game against the Cardinals on Friday.

Hinch was so angry that he had to be taken out of Hernandez by George Springer and bench coach Alex Cintron.

The manager, aged 44, also took an interesting route before leaving.

Instead of leaving the field by the canoe and out of the locker room, he crossed the left field fence to take his exit.

Hinch detailed the incident after the match.

He said that Hernandez had once told him that he had made "four bad calls per match". According to the Houston Chronicle, Hinch told Hernandez, after a call to the first: "You used all four."

Hernandez threw it then.

"It's pretty ridiculous to get me out of a spring training match," Hinch said.

"As the situation intensified, he said condescending and unprofessional things … we will inform the league."