American football: Titans are entering the new season – 14/01/2019



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The 2018-2019 vintage of the Titans has well prepared the official tournaments./ Photo DDM, Lucien Mercier

The 2018-2019 vintage of the Titans has well prepared the official tournaments./ Photo DDM, Lucien Mercier

The Sayais American Football Club has changed its name and is now called the Titans. His cantor Loïc Dubois has just found the reins after a short interlude of Pierre Moréra. He is supported by a dedicated and experienced management team of Vice-President Patrick Bor, Secretary Mariette Moréra and Finance Officer Nicole Dubois. The Biassais will soon get into the thick of the subject of the 2018-19 season with the qualifying phases of the French championship.

Senior training

Two teams are involved in this competition, both trained on the ad hoc ground of Loustalet, on Tuesday and Friday, from 19:30 to 21:30, by Protected Man Loïc. In recent years, they have operated in agreement with Cahors. The senior group is now flying on its own. It is made up of about thirty elements, most of them young people who have come to strengthen the eight old ones, and will come out in regional division. Judging by the two friendly preparation matches played in November against the Angels of Mont-de-Marsan and Burs B of Toulouse, the osmosis worked well. The first official meeting will be held on Saturday, January 26, at 7 pm, against the Angels of Mont-de-Marsan on the lawn of honor Loustalet.

In the pool are also the Pau Sphynx, Mios Redskins, Dax Knights (Horses) and the Cenon Devils. "In this difficult pool, qualifying for the finals of May and June will not be easy considering that there will be only two elected, says Loïc Dubois. But the desire is there and we will put all the assets on our side.

A junior group

Concerned with the training of young people, the club has always had a junior team, also involved in the league of France in the form of an agreement known as the Southern League. The ten Biassais players, including five new ones, will merge in their fifties from other clubs. The Kangaroos of Pessac, the North League and the Central League will be their opponents.

At the start of the season, at Loustalet, they will face the North League on Saturday, January 26, at 4 pm. With the same goal as their elders: participation in the final spring phases.

Two courses with good intentions that we will follow closely.