While the other end of the season and the Superbowl approach (February 3), on the French side we take the opposite path. For the Toulouse Bears, we are even at the beginning of a brand new year. Authors of a draw 7-7 against Pessac, last week, Toulouse have started the championship of France D2. "This is not satisfactory but to be honest we are doing well, say that our performance was characteristic of a first outing," says Arnaud Montgenie, the new president of the Haute-Garonne franchise.

Appointed in June 2018, he alternates between his leadership costume for the press and sponsors and his helmet and protections on match days. "We are a few players to have integrated the management team," greets the one who evolves at the center. "The former office was there for 7 years, they gave up their place coup volunteers and players who are on the end have offered to replace them," smiles the French international sacred at the World Games in 2017. New organization chart and strengthened workforce, the Ours de Toulouse have experienced significant changes but have not forgotten their motto: "advance step by step". As in the field, yard after yard, the Toulouse are building their identity game and their group. "We recruited a lot, we counted a group of 100 players for teams 1 and 2 and of course, the contribution of juniors who must prepare to play often this season," warns Arnaud Montgenie whose goal is to make "As well as last year."

Stopped in the quarterfinals three times consecutively, the Bears are looking to cross a course but for the moment out of the question to discuss a possible revenge or pronounce the word play-off. "We have to do things in order," insists the president whose eyes are not farther than the meeting this Sunday at the Argoulets stadium against Bordeaux. "The promoted are always difficult to play," announces Arnaud who distrusts the Girondins while hoping for a first success of his teammates to finally start the year.