American football: 5 reasons to follow the playoffs


The playoffs of the 2018-2019 championship will take place from January 5th to February 3rd. Here's why you should watch them too.

As a reminder, the playoffs – also called Second Season – are the final stages of the NFL (National Football League) championship. It is a knockout tournament that takes place just after the 17-week regular season.

# 1 A show that's worth the detour

Do you like manly sports with action, sweat and suspense? Good news, you will be served following the NFL playoffs. Touchdown, impressive tackles, sprints at full speed, reversals of situation … All the ingredients are present to offer you a maximum of spectacle.

# 2 A big competition between the teams

In the playoffs program, 10 games to determine who will be the champion team of the year. In this top competition, the 12 best teams in the league will compete for the coveted title. Suffice to say that the opponents will not make any gift at each meeting.

# 3 The cream of the crop of footballers

Watching the playoffs is especially the opportunity to admire the best players on the planet in this discipline. In the teams participating in these final stages, you will find true stars of the world sport as Russell Wilson or Tom Brady.

# 4 The Super Bowl finale: the icing on the cake

The fInal of the playoffs, better known as the Super Bowl, is one of the biggest global sports show. Followed by millions of viewers, it will take place on Sunday, February 3 at Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The big halftime concert should be hosted by the American pop rock band Maroon 5.

# 5 A friendly moment with friends

Like many sports, US football matches are best viewed by many. And know that they last about 3:15 when they are broadcast on TV! The top to enjoy your friends, comment, debate in a sporty and friendly atmosphere.