AJ Hinch calls Umpire Angel Hernandez "arrogant" after his spring training ejection | Bleacher's report

Houston Astros manager AJ Hinch heads to the pen as he heads to the mound to bring a pitching change in the third round of the springweight exhibition against the Washington Nationals on Sunday. March 3, 2019, in West Palm Beach, Florida. AP Photo / Jeff Roberson)

Jeff Roberson / Associated Press

Houston Astros manager AJ Hinch and referee Angel Hernandez were in mid-season form during the Astros spring training session against the St. Louis Cardinals on Friday.

Hernandez ejected Hinch after the first throw at the end of the first run. By Alyson Footer Hinch, of MLB.com, told Hernandez: "We have a technology to help you improve and these attacks are a strike, he had an arrogant attitude about it and did not want to hear it."

Hinch thought it was "pretty ridiculous" for Hernandez to make such a show during a spring training match, but explained it by adding that Hernandez was known for "a little bit of too much reaction ".

Footer posted a separate video on Twitter in which Hinch detailed in more detail the consequences of his disagreement with Hernandez:

The debacle, from Hinch's point of view, may have spilled over Hernandez's comments last week. Hinch said the referee had confessed to him that he was wrong four times a game.

In the match of Friday, Hunter Atkins of Houston Chronicle surprised Hinch screaming at Hernandez from the dugout that he had "used all four [calls]. "

Hinch stated that Mr. Hernandez had stated "condescending things that were inappropriate, unprofessional" but did not elaborate further. "We will inform the league," he added.

Hernandez, born in Havana, is a major referee in the major leagues since the early yearsWe have already seen his inverted calls.

Last season, in the third game of the American League division series between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees, Hernandez was the referee of the first three out of four calls rejected after video review.

After the fourth match, the starting pitcher of the CCS, Sabathia torn up Hernandez to reporters.

"It's absolutely terrible," said Sabathia after the defeat of New York. "He was terrible behind the plate today, he was awful at first base … It's amazing how much he gets jobs in these playoff games."

For what it's worth, Friday, the Astros managed to win 11-2 against St. Louis.