DALLAS – When the Los Angeles Clippers head to the American Airlines Center on Tuesday night, Patrick Beverley will not meet the Dallas mavericks' rage who played a leading role in the ejection of the fiery guard earlier this season .

Sources told ESPN that Don Knobler, a fan known for his flamboyant wardrobe that has long been sitting alongside the Mavericks, was banned from the arena for the remainder of the season after an investigation by the organization confirming the Beverley's story about their interaction.

According to sources, fans complained that Knobler had also inappropriately criticized opposing players on other occasions.

Beverley was ejected while he had 9:10 left in the Clippers' defeat at Dallas on Dec. 2, after making a decisive pass to Knobler, who was sitting on the bottom line near the Los Angeles bench. After the match, Beverley said that Knobler had told her "F — your mother!" on two different occasions, provoking his reaction.

Knobler told ESPN after the match that he said "your mother" in Beverley earlier in the game during an exchange after the Clippers goalkeeper cranked the tooth of the Mavs goalie Dennis Smith Jr.

Knobler denied using blasphemies.

"I told the referee, I spoke to security," Beverley told reporters after the match. "I mean, I've never been thrown out of a game since I was in the NBA, you know, I play hard, I play in limits, of course, I respect the rules, of course. "I have never been ejected from my career in the NBA, but I am an adult man, I have morals … Of course, God is the first, the family is the second for me." and I hold it firmly.

"I'm coming, I can accept the 'F — you, Beverley,' – the F — you, Pat," but apart from my mother's lines, Anyone who knows me, dude, knows that I am a family first, and there are things that are unacceptable.After telling the referees, I said to security, to safety from Dallas, and again, he repeated it so if no one is going to control the fans, what are we supposed to do as players? "

Knobler, who has not attended a match of the Mavs since Dallas won the Clippers, did not return a message Tuesday in his company. The Mavs declined to comment on Knobler's suspension from the arena.

On December 4, the NBA announced that Beverley had been fined $ 25,000 for throwing a ball at a spectator.